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Game Tester is a platform where developers interact with the community and ask the important questions to find the hard truths that make or break their games.

Do you think this game is worth $50?
Would you recommend it to your friends?
Do you think we can do a better job at things?

There are thousands of bugs in games that developers overlook and these bugs impact on a gamers enjoyment and likelihood of giving a positive review or referral. Game Tester helps bring the facts to the developers in measurable data that can be acted upon. In return for your feedback, you will be awarded. 

Duties of a Game Tester

Test video game titles on various consoles, PCs and handhelds to check the software for errors and enter them into the test database. Reports to the Lead and/or QA Manager.


  • Find defects in the software using established and tedious methods

  • Accurately execute all assigned test cases

  • Enter detailed, but concise, bugs into bug database

  • Regress fixed bugs on each release

  • Be prepared to provide insight as to the playability of a title

  • Provide a positive role model, in terms of both work performance and attitude

Ask a Gammer?

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